Why Sexy?

It’s simple. We’re fooking up our planet and there aren’t enough people talking about it.

The goal isn’t to be a tree hugger blog – that’s something we are not. The goal is to help influence the conversation around companies that are truly fucking up our planet.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve made sacrifices that impacted our bottom line by spending more money on eco-friendly clothing, donate a portion of every product we sell to plant trees, or choose an affiliate partner because of their mission, not their logo or status.

We hope that we inspire others to do the same – to act consciously. That’s it.

Still Stoked? Me Too!

By the way, my name is Connor MacNeil – I’m an entrepreneur, artist and creator. My mission is to use the cool skills I’ve learned, connections I’ve made and resources I’ve gathered over the years to keep this planet as sexy and stoked as the day I was born into it.

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