That Might Be Harsh, But It's True

I’ll start by saying that I’m no where close to perfect, and I can’t ever expect any one else to be, which is exactly why I started this project.

My goal?  Shed a different light on various issues that we face that tend to go overlooked and to shout out people I meet on my adventures who are doing some truly inspiring things.

BTW – 100% of the profits from items I sell goes toward planting trees to help combat global deforestation. So buy something and plant a tree, fucker.

How Rude of Me

By the way, my name is Connor MacNeil, but a lot of people call me Steel – I’m currently working on a few different projects which you can check out if you feel the vibe.

  • @HempHouseGoodies
  • @USMarijuana
  • @Atlanteans
  • @JumpSuitGroup

My personal IG is @jumpsuit_steel – feel free to hit me up whenever, about whatever.


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Our customer writes about our quality