Costa Rica Is The Worlds First Country to Run 100% on Renewable Energy

August 14, 2019

In this article you will find topics and information on things like….

  • The embarrassing executing of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • How Costa Rica has been able to go 100% renewable on their grid
  • What other countries can do to follow suit
  • How lack of corruption from big oil allows for progress in saving our environment

If you have yet to visit Costa Rica, you’re missing out. 

It’s one of the most beautiful and bountiful places the world has provided us – fruits like papaya, pineapple and coconuts grow in abundance, while the sun sets peacefully over the pacific ocean each and every night.

This makes their effort – and now execution – to run on 100% renewable energy that much sweeter.

Costa Rica Waterfall

Setting the Scene

Costa Rica is one of only 7 countries word wide to uphold their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement – the same agreement that The United States pulled out of in 2017.

Fucked up, right?

Not only has Costa Rica held up their end of the bargain, they are trailblazing the path for other countries to follow as it becomes more and more apparent we need to stop warming our planet.

1 Year Clean

Costa Rica has run on 100% renewables for just about one year now – previously linking together streaks ranging up to 100 days. With this milestone under their belt, there is now some real data on how and where they were able to produce this much energy from. See below.

  • Up to 75% of Costa Rica’s Electricity comes from Hydro Power
  • Up to 15% of Costa Rica’s Electricity comes from Wind Power (Up from 4% in 2011)
  • Up to 13% of Costa Rica’s Electricity comes from Geothermal Power

Costa Rica relies heavily on hydro power due to their heavy rainy season, May – October. This reliance of hydro power was put to the test this current year, when their dry season was extended by a few weeks, leaving what most thought would be a void in energy.

Planning ahead, efforts were made to increase energy production in other areas such as wind and geothermal. In July 2019, Costa Rica opened their 7th geothermal plant to help diversify their energy portfolio.

What We Can Learn From Costa Rica

Costa Rica is 50th in the world rank of GDP and 123rd in population size – something that we should use to our advantage when looking at how to scale their efforts to populations ten, twenty or fifty times their size.

Most importantly, we’ve learned that it’s possible to run a country of significant size and infrastructure on renewables. They’ve successfully integrated renewables into the grid, weened off fossil fuels and made the transition most other countries are too overwhelmed or greedy to make. What’s even more impressive here, is that they did this in a country that has sub-par transportation infrastructure and roadways to accommodate all of the needed construction

Lastly, we learn that the only way to make it come to life is to prioritize renewables and the transition away from fossil fuels. Fortunately for Costa Rica, big oil doesn’t have a cuck-hold on the politics and decision makers that can bring this to life in the United States and other influential nations. I won’t even get into it here, but in summary, big oil funds politics > politicians are decision makers for our country > Politicians are making decisions that favor big oil.

Take Aways

If you take away anything from this article, it should be that it is possible to go 100% renewable energy.

We just need to make it a priority in the way operate, buy and support.

If you can, spread the love & mission of Costa Rica any way you can. All it takes is one post to spark the flame that burns fossil fuels to the ground.

Thanks for tuning in!

Love yas

– Steel



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