The Jump Suit Group Podcast

#1 | Socrates Rosenfeld | iHeartJane

Socrates is a former Army Ranger, M.I.T Sloan Graduate and co-founder of iHeartJane – the leading on-demand, consumer cannabis marketplace.

Socrates sheds some light on his introduction to cannabis and vision to transform the entire industry.

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Hosted by Steel – @jumpsuit_steel + @jumpsuitgroup

#3 | Sam Breslin | PLT4M Athletics

Fellow Wayland Warrior and ex semi-pro football player – Sam founded PLT4M Athletics nearly 5 years ago and now sets the standard for digital training platforms in high school sports

Follow Sam’s journey @plt4m

Hosted by @JumpSuit_Steel + @JumpSuitGroup

#2 | Neil Quigley | Briggs Hard Setzer

A pure little sit down with my good buddy and savvy entrepreneur Neil Quigley – Co-Founder of Briggs Hard Seltzer.

Neil holds the record as the worlds youngest brewmaster and sheds some light on starting a beverage company, throwing a massive music festival and finding the balance between the life and the grind of entrepreneurship.

Follow Neils journey @njquigley + @BriggsHardSeltzer

Hosted by @JumpSuit_Steel + @JumpSuitGroup

The U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries Podcast

#8 | Getting Stoned and Pumping Iron

There are many health benefits to cannabis – reduced inflammation, hyper relaxation, appetite enhancer. One that flies under the radar is it’s impact on your workout. Let’s see what Biggs has to say about it!

#9 | Hot Boxing The Hot Box

Everyone’s done it – a hot boxed car (parked of course). But have you ever hot boxed a car in 100 degree temperatures while drinking hot coffee? Troy wishes he didn’t!

#7 | Canada Legalizes Weed and Officially Becomes The World’s Coolest Country

Yes, people… This just happened. Let’s talk about why Canada made this decision and the impact it’s going to have on the snack food industry.

#5 | Industrial Hemp Can Save The World

Banned in the late 1930’s, hemp is just starting to make a come back as a widely accepted, sustainable alternative to plastics, oil and other harmful substances to our environment

#4 | Avocados, Cash Crops and the Mexican Cartel

Since cannabis is still illegal, the Mexican cartels have shifted their import-export business efforts to a less risky, more delicious, legal crop. The avocado.

#3 | A Family Gets Screwed Over for Doing What Doctors Couldn’t

In a world where we still have yet to find the cure for impactful diseases and other debilitating medical conditions, don’t you think that they would be open to an alternative treatment for epilepsy?

#2 | Half a Billion Dollars Later and Colorado is Still Stacking Cash Thanks to Recreational Weed

Need we say any more? Colorado is raking in the tax dollars ever since they legalized recreational marijuana – not only that, they are putting the majority of that money towards school systems and narcotics programs.

#1 | The Humble Beginnings

Steel & Biggs dive into how their first interactions during Bible class led to a rock solid friendship and how U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries came to be a company. The duo also breaks down what you can expect from U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries moving forward and how you can touch them. Sorry, get in touch with them.