What’s The Deal With “The Green New Deal ?

August 13, 2019

As always, I apologize for swearing.

If you don’t believe in Science, then you’re going to hate this article & REALLY HATE The Green New Deal. But if you don’t believe in science you are also a fucking idiot.

Summary of the “Green New Deal”

  • It’s a plan to slowly ween the United States off of fossil fuels
  • It calls for the world to get to net-zero emissions by 2050
  • According to science, we have about 12 years before we start dishing out permanent damage to the planet
  • The goal of the plan is to combat greenhouse gasses (the primary catalyst in global warming)

It’s Getting Hot

At this point in time – Summer 2019 – it has been confirmed that climate science is more accurate than physics. Think about that – the cars you trust to propel you 75 mph down the highway use physics to keep you safe. If you trust that you’re not going flip your car on the exit ramp, you should also trust what experts are forecasting for our planet’s future

For better or worse, the average point of view on sustainability, global warming and climate change is something along the lines of this….

“We have solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars, we’re heading in the right direction and we’re going to be ok. Shout out to Tesla!”

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, even with electric cars and massive renewable energy projects, the United States still managed to increase our carbon emissions by 3% last year. So, if our goal is to be net-0 – meaning we don’t produce any more gasses into the atmosphere than it can absorb – (which is what the Science & The Green New Deal Calls For) not only to we have to stop growing our carbon footprint, but we have to completely eliminate it.


Fair, But What If We Keep Our Current Course?

Simply put…

  • Cities will go underwater (Miami, Parts of Brooklyn The List Goes On)
  • Global Heat Waves Will Kill Millions
  • Farming Efficiency will drastically reduce, adding to the current global food crisis
  • Draughts will cause more wild fires I.E. California
  • Natural Disasters will increase in magnitude and frequency

The list goes on and it gets pretty fucked up. If you want more scary scenarios based on real science, check out the book The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming: By David Wallace-Wells – he makes it pretty clear we are on a path to destruction.

So How Is This New Agreement Going to Happen?

In order to source 100% of our energy from renewables, which has been proven possible by countries such as Costa Rica, we need to make some heavy changes to the way our country operates.

[The Green New Deal] envisions sourcing 100 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable and zero-emissions power, digitizing the nation’s power grid, upgrading every building in the country to be more energy-efficient, and overhauling the nation’s transportation system by investing in electric vehicles and high-speed rail. – NY Times


Why Don’t We Just Like… Do It?

Because Fuck Faces like our current president don’t think global warming is real. This isn’t a shot at him, nor is it meant to be political, but when the decision makers of the country don’t support the well being of the planet OR think it’s important, we can’t just kick-start a plan like this into action.

Realistically, the movement starts with people and how they choose to stand for things that matter vs don’t matter.

With up-coming elections and voting, there’s a real chance we can get this agreement passed.

There’s also a real chance we don’t, which may be the last chance we have to preserve a planet that can safely harbor our children and grand children. That’s what actually gets me.

What I believe is that people in 2050 are going to look back at these 3 decades, as they are sitting through their 3rd category 5 hurricane that year, and ask us if we were even thinking… at all.

Concluding Thoughts… If You Give a Shit.

Humans have a tough time conceptualizing major problems and issues until they are in our backyard – I’m totally guilty of it too.

The only problem with that mindset is that once that bitchy side of mother nature appears in our back yard, there is nothing that we can do to calm her down.

Our only real chance is to start taking action, or support the people and companies that do.

  • Vote with the planet in mind
  • Share social media posts that may enlighten someone who’s head is up their own ass
  • Support brands who give back to the environment or community
  • Sign petitions when you can

I’m always open to conversation – even if it’s that you disagree. Hit me up!

Thanks for reading.

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